Clink! Clink!

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Clink! Clink! Is the sound of metal work being struck with a hammer by Carl Jackson. A native of Wilcox County, Carl creates wood and metal items for the home.

In a recent conversation with Carl, I asked him where he learned his craft.  "A guy from Tannehill took me under his wing and the process of working with metal began. I enjoyed what I was doing and was good at it."

 " I work primarily with coal forge (hammer & anvil) metal, creating key chains, measuring spoons, and incorporating wood for some pieces. Many of the items I make are through my wife's request for her personal use."

His metal and wood work is made in an open area.  Carl's ideas for creating are based on practical needs.  A project takes him three to five days to complete, depending on the item.

"The pieces I make are one of a kind which makes it special," says Carl. He uses recycled wood for most wood and metal projects. Some items are made with maple, walnut and cherry woods he special orders.

  Carl's most popular items are wood and metal cutting boards, appetizer boards, forged metal grilling tools, wood/metal trays and plant hangers.

You can purchase Carl Jackson's items at BBT gallery or web site

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