Spinning Wheel

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Watching the wheel spin as Sam Williams moves his hands to mold the clay, one wonders what he is about to create.

Since his retirement, Sam spends most weekday afternoons in the BBT potter’s studio creating an assortment of items. Some pieces are special order, while others are ideas he creates.

When asked how old he was and what motivated him to try his hand at creating pottery, he responded, “I was 31-years-old when I started making pottery. My father and I decided to enroll in pottery classes at the local college, and I have continued ever since. My father made pottery until his passing."

Sam makes spinning the wheel and molding clay seem easy. How long does it take him to make a piece? “That all depends on the size, volume and design. Making a mug only takes me two minutes, while the detailed pieces require more time. I prefer to work on the wheel because it is a faster process, while rolling and cutting items can take a little longer to complete. My favorite pieces that I have done are a couple of large bowls and a large jar,” says Sam.

Visitors at Black Belt Treasures often tour the facility and observe Sam working on  pottery. His most popular item is a mug featuring a bird, which he sells at The Old Courthouse Museum in Monroeville, Alabama. His large bowls and frog toothpick and sponge holders are popular items at BBT. You may purchase the items online at www.blackbelttreasures.com.

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