Visions of the South

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As spring ends and summer begins, artist Stephen R. James sits on his front porch surrounded by acres of trees and the sounds of nature. “This is my space, a place of tranquility and relaxation.  It is also where I place my easel and canvas to create a scene.”

James' interest in art started when he was three years old. “I would sit in my father’s lap watching him sketch a cowboy and other characters on a paper bag.” At the age of nine he was given a paint-by-number set. Once completed, he created his own scene on the back.

When James attended Patrick Henry College (now Coastal Alabama Community College), he enrolled in a few art classes, and later studied art books to expand his knowledge. “My professional career I worked in healthcare, then when I retired, I decided to focus on painting full-time.”

Although, he has done paintings in watercolor and acrylic, his preference is oil. He paints from childhood memories or recollections from other people. His favorite subjects are wildlife and life from the past. "When I create a scene, I want it to tell a story. I hope those looking at my work can see the story."  

His paintings may be purchased at Black Belt Treasures or ordered at you are interested in taking an oil painting class with James, please contact BBTCAC's Art Programs Director, Kristin Law

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