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"Unity/Man & Woman" Stained Glass unity, man, woman, stained, glass, Tyree, McCloud
"Unity/Man & Woman" Stained Glass Price: $145.00
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Tyree McCloud Item #: 1633 -

"Unity/Man & Women" measures 12 inches square with a copper hook for hanging in a window or elsewhere.  Tyree McCloud is a veteran stained glass artist that is constantly looking for ways to push the limits of his medium of the moment!  The facial features of this stained glass dueo are painted directly on the glass which sets this apart from traditional stained glass art.

Dish in Color-Medium Dish, Color, Barb, Ausderau
Dish in Color-Medium Price: $60.00
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Barb Ausderau Item #: 7408 -

These unique pieces of art are wonderful combinations of science and art. They are formed by creating chemical reaction inside of a petri dish and adding in some paint and resin. The process can take up to a few weeks to fully form. You can mix and match them to create a wall of art or place them on your desk as a statement piece.This listing is for one "Dish in Color". Styles available in store may vary. Call 334-682-9878 for information on availability. Individual pictures can be sent upon...

Fused Glass Cross- Small
Fused Glass Cross- Small Price: $12.00
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Jo Taylor Item #: 7099 -

These fused glass ornaments were hand crafted by artist Jo Taylor. They 4 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.

Fused Glass Fish
Fused Glass Fish Price: $20.00
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John Hogarth Item #: 7593 -

These hand crafted stained glass fish are one of a kind and made with bright and colorful glass. As these are one of a kind no two will be alike, please call us at 682-9878 if you would like to know what colors and styles we currently have available.

Geode Tree- Pink
Geode Tree- Pink Price: $235.00
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John Hogarth Item #: 8087 -

This "geode tree" was hand crafted and has sliced geode inclusions. It is 15 inches wide and 23 inches tall including the stand.

Tulip Stained Glass
Tulip Stained Glass Price: $80.00
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John Hogarth Item #: 4604 -

This hanging stained glass tulip was hand crafted and is 14 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide.