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Single Copper Flower
Single Copper Flower Price: $71.00
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Derrell Vaughn, Jr Item #: 11485 -

The copper flower and vase is adhered to a slab of darkly colored wood.  The vase holding the flower is a bright red color. This piece of art is approximately 13" in height and signed by the artist.

Sins Washed Away
Sins Washed Away Price: $142.00
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Jessie LaVon Item #: 10728 -

"Sins Washed Away" shows Christians being baptized outside.  Others are standing close by celebrating this great redemption of their friends.   Jessie LaVon: Sins Washed Away, 11x14", acrylic on canvas; signed by the artistThis painting you will receive may have a variance in the details, in order to make it one of a kind, than the shown photos.

Small Assorted Antler Earrings carl nelson, antler, earrings,
Small Assorted Antler Earrings Price: $14.50
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Carl W. Nelson Item #: 9933B -

Carl Nelson: Small Assorted Antler EarringsEach order comes with 1 pair of earrings. Please call us at 334-682-9878 to confirm availability before purchasing because some items shown may no longer be in stock.

Small Batter Bowl small batter bowl, small bowl, batter bowl, bowl, ceramic bowl, pottery bowl, ceramic, pottery,
Small Batter Bowl Price: $42.95
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Becky Blaylock Item #: 10974 -

Earthquake Pottery batter bowl in a white glaze. Measurements3.5" x 6.5" x 9"

Small Church - 2 Holes barnwood church, reclaimed wood, andrew mccall, wooden church, woodwork,
Small Church - 2 Holes Price: $29.95
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Andrew & Etta McCall Item #: 246 -

Andrew McCall: Small Church 2 Holes Andrew McCall demonstrates his amazing gift for woodworking with this Church made from reclaimed, whitewashed wood from an old barn. This piece is handcrafted with a pointed top, 2 openings in front and is 10 inches tall. It would make a great addition to any home, office, or garden.

Small Pitcher pottery, ceramics, pitcher, clay, ceramic pitcher, allen ham
Small Pitcher Price: $28.95
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Allen Ham Item #: 9672 -

This small Allen Ham pitcher is 6 inches tall, has a circumference of 5.5 inches, and a width of 7.5 inches including the handle. It is signed by the artist. 

Small Wooden Church rickey elliot, church, woodwork, wooden church,
Small Wooden Church Price: $24.95
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Rickey Elliott Item #: 12629 -

Rickey Elliot: Small Wooden Church

Snake Tree Ceremony
Snake Tree Ceremony Price: $142.00
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Jessie LaVon Item #: 10550 -

Jessie Lavon- Snake Tree Ceremony; 11X14, acrylic on canvas; signed by the artist

Soap Dish Spoonrest, Spoon Rest, Pottery, handmade, hand-made, hand made, Mary Jane Moore, Black Belt Treasures,
Soap Dish Price: $14.95
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Mary Jane Moore Item #: 12359 -

Spoon rests and soap dishes are a kitchen staple, and this piece is both!  These multi-use pieces make for the perfect addition to all kitchens.  It is great for all chefs-terrible and amazing ones alike!Mary Jane Moore: Spoon Rest/Soap Dish

Soup Bowl pottery, ceramics, soup bowl, bowl
Soup Bowl Price: $35.00
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Randy Shoults Item #: 8146 -

These hand crafted bowls by potter Randy Shoults are approximately 5"x3". They are made with a white clay and are glazed in deep green. These bowls are food and microwave safe.

Spirit of Light mixed media,
Spirit of Light Price: $225.00
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Marilyn Ammons Item #: 9549 -

12 x 24 in mixed media painting by Marilyn Ammons.

Spoon Pendant  earnest halbrook, spoon, pendant, spoon pendant, silver
Spoon Pendant Price: $14.50
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Earnest Halbrook Item #: 6334 -

Earnest Halbrook: Spoon Pendant