Artist: Johnna Larrimore Bush

Clarke County, Alabama

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    Black Belt Treasures Print. 11 x 14".

    Painted by Johnna Bush in 2005.
    This painting was commissioned to tell the story of the cultural heritage of the Black Belt- and has become the official portrait of Black Belt Treasures. Set under moss covered oak trees, an old country church overlooks a new harvest, while two young children sit on the cool fertile soil surrounded by five of the Black Belt's most treasured artists: ( from left to right) Charlie "Tinman" Lucas, sculptor and folk artist from Dallas County; Kathryn Tucker Windham, author and story-teller from Dallas County; James "Winky" Hicks, musician, artist, and maker of musical instruments from Clarke County; Rennie Miller, quilter and member of the Freedom Quilting Bee of Wilcox County; and Walter Brooks, self- taught white oak basket weaver of Monroe County.